Url Transfer Agreement

This agreement, along with all the exhibits, constitutes the whole understanding and agreement of the parties regarding its purpose and replaces all previous written or oral agreements on this subject. A waiver, amendment or amendment to this agreement only comes into effect if it is written and signed by the parties without restricting the above, and cannot be considered a waiver due to conduct or trade. No additional or derogatory conditions in an order or acceptance or similar document are binding unless they are executed by authorized representatives of both parties.3 Future use of the domain name and website. Once the buyer becomes the owner of the domain name, the seller and his related companies cannot use the domain name either for their own benefit, or for the benefit of another person or institution. From the date the buyer receives the confirmation email, the buyer, the sole owner of the domain name, has the exclusive right to use the domain name or otherwise transfer it. The Seller accepts that in the future, he and his associated companies and all companies that control them or with whom they are related, may not register, use or attend the registration, use or application of a domain name, trademark or name that includes or includes the domain name, either alone or in combination or in other words. Whatever the above or anything else in this agreement, Prior to the date following the receipt of the confirmation email by the buyer („the date of the indulgence“), the buyer will not allow its affiliates to use or modify the website or domain server so that the Seller has sufficient time to extract the data from the site and obtain an alternative storage location for its current YP.com pages and/or directories that the seller must make on or before the date of the forbearance. 4. Debts. The Buyer assumes or is in no way required to settle any debt, debt or obligation of the Seller, including, but not limited, to the commitments or obligations resulting now or after the seller`s business activity that took place prior to the execution of this Agreement, or any debt arising from or in connection with the performance of this Agreement. The seller releases the buyer and his senior executives, directors, related companies, employees and assistants from executing losses or rights related to the above and keeps them unscathed.