Seedrs Nominee Agreement

Investors don`t have to worry about managing their investments. We ensure that their investments are protected both by the legal provisions of the shareholders and by the professional and contractual protection that applies in the context of our subscription and shareholding agreements with each company. This investment agreement between the nominee and the investor; The returns on your shares (for example. B dividends or proceeds from a sale) will be transferred to you by the nominee. Under these conditions, you will be asked to confirm your bank details. The investor nominates the nominee for the investor`s actions, and the Nominee accepts this appointment, under the terms and conditions of this agreement. If the shares issued by Investee Company in accordance with paragraph 8.1, as stated in the Pitch, subsequently constitute rights to other types of shares of the holding company or convertible into other types of shares, The nominee may be required to replace, at the time of the issuance of these other shares, a subsequent underwriting agreement and/or other agreement with Investee Company (which may replace the agreement under paragraph 8.1.1) as a candidate of the investor and co-investors, and to have these other types of shares legally qualified on behalf of the designated custodian on behalf of the investor and co-investors. If you`re still not sure what our nominee structure means for managing business investments, you can take a look at this blog post. Q: How does the nomine structure work? Are my actions safe? The Nominee orders these heirs to join the Platform with the funds made available on the Platform, provided that, if that heir is not allowed to join as a member of the platform, the nominaire will create on his behalf a special affiliation that will allow him to exercise rights concerning the shares inherited from the investor and/or any other quality that must be granted to the platform (subject to and on the terms of an heir contract), but not other measures; and one of the most important innovations the Seedrs platform has launched since its launch has been the Nominee Structure. This structure implies that many individual investors, each with a relatively small stake in a company, have designated Seedrs to hold the legal title of the shares, the relative benefits having gone to the investors themselves. The investor and the candidate agree that the relationship between them can only be that of the client and the candidate, that there is no intention to create a partnership between the nominee and the investor and that this agreement should not be construed as constituting a partnership or other form of joint venture between the nominee and the investor. If you would like to find out about the nominee structure and the right to vote, please contact Seedrs directly via email

This agreement should not be construed as the purpose of creating a partnership or joint venture between the contracting parties. No provision in this agreement is construed as constituting one of the contracting parties as an agent of another party, unless it is inherent in paragraph 24 or any other named relationship that is the subject of this agreement. Subsidized companies don`t have to worry about having to manage many individual investors.