Robot Rental Agreement

Their mission is to provide security services – not to learn robotics or the maintenance of sophisticated robots. For short-term robotic use, robots can be rented for the duration of the work. If the planned use of the robot is much shorter than its operating resource, sustainable possession of the robot can be economically uneconomic. But even renting a robot allows for lower operating costs than recruiting and maintaining a real workforce. „End-users want robotic solutions but don`t have the know-how to deliver or maintain them,“ says Whitton. „This creates an opportunity for RaaS vendors to lend the service to their robots and to take care of the maintenance and upgrading and delivery of data services. Founded in 1992, RobotWorx is part of SCOTT Technology Ltd., a secular New Zealand company specializing in automated production, robotics and processing machines. In 2014, RobotWorx joined THE SCOTT family of international companies and recently completed a rigorous audit process to become an RIA certified robotic integrator. „Robot leasing will follow a similar path to the forklift market of the past 20 years,“ says Bush, a mechanical engineer who was previously chief operating officer of Scott Fetzer Electrical Group, a small engine manufacturer that was a former user of collaborative robotics technology. „Rents are also often made with CNC machine tools and construction equipment. A robot`s working resource is measured in years and can carry out tasks at a number of sites of different owners during this period. The intensive use of commercial robots will ensure a quick return on investment for their owner and a low labour cost for their tenant. Tenere`s robots work alongside humans and perform tasks that represent ergonomic hazards.

„We started mostly with six-degree robotic arms, like the FANUC LR Mate and the Yaskawa GP7,“ Gibbs says. „We`ve started integrating some of the biggest robots, like the FANUC M-710iC/50. Finally, we`re moving towards a ubiquitous programming experience, no matter which robot or robot you use. Hirebotic`s bills by the second.